Pool Safety Covers In Bucks And Montgomery County Should Be Used

Securing a pool is very important to keep a homeowner safe from being sued due to the accidental drowning or mishap that can occur with an unsecured pool. Protecting a pool during the winter with a tarp, some cement blocks, or water bags is not a safe way to cover a pool. An individual or animal can easily slip into the water that’s on the surface of a pool and become trapped in the water, dirt, leaves, insects and other things that can accumulate in the water.

Durability Of A Safety Cover

The standard tarp that many pool owners use today will only last for three to four years even though a company will claim they will last for five to ten years. A pool safety cover is given a ten to fifteen-year safety cover warranty and mesh covers can last for upwards of 20 years. The UV resistant Polypropylene or reinforced vinyl is the only products used in the construction of the cover and will last for many years to come.


Using a tarp to cover a cover with concrete blocks or water bags is unsightly in a backyard oasis. Pool safety covers in Bucks and Montgomery County are custom made and are tensioned tight to perfectly fit the pool they were designed for. A water-free cover will eliminate the need to remove worms, insects, leaves, and dirt from the top of a pool cover before use in the spring.


A pool safety cover can reduce the chance of an individual drowning, practically down to nothing. The covers are so strong, they can be walked on by adults, children, dogs, cats or anyone else. These types of cover provide the peace of mind a homeowner needs against accidental drownings.

If you have an inground pool and are tired of filling water bags every year and having your backyard looking unsightly, a custom-made safety cover would be a great investment. They are very convenient to use and do not require weights or water bags like the traditional covers. A safety cover needs to be connected to the brass anchor and secure stainless steel tensioned spring and can be completed in fifteen minutes or less.